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9 things I learned living next to crackheads and crack dealers...

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

In the ghetto, there are crackheads. In case you didn’t know, crackheads are people addicted to crack-cocaine. Crackheads and the ghetto go together like Kool-Aid and fried chicken.

Crackheads get their crack from somewhere. That’s where crack dealers come in. I grew up in the projects. This means I spent a lot of time around crack dealers and crack addicts. However, my experience had a unique feature.

I spent about 5 years living next to a certified crackhead. When I moved to another housing project, I lived next to a crack dealer for 4 years.

The hood is a terrible place to begin with, but I can assure you that living next to hard drug users and dealers is a unique level of hell.

These are my observations, lessons learned, and experiences from living next to crack dealers and crackheads.

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