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11 reasons why we can't have nice things

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

Here are 11 reasons why humanity is doomed and everything is f*cked. If we could fix even 2 of these things, our planet would become unrecognizable in the best way.

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1) We're terrible at the future

We're awful at planning beyond what will feel good right now. We consistently choose the easier path because it makes everyone feel better instead of doing the harder things that suck but make us healthier, happier, and more prosperous later.

2) We can't admit when we're wrong

Humans will die over pride. This seems honorable except when it's misplaced and prevents them from finding a MUCH better solution. But they won't take it because that means admitting the original solution—the one they're ego vested in—was wrong

3) We can't accept when someone admits they're wrong

Humans simultaneously call people out for being wrong, then hold it over their heads later even if—and many times, especially—they admit they were wrong. This, of course, makes people less likely to admit they were ever wrong.

4) We can't forgive

While I believe that a man should pay for his crimes, there is such a thing as growth, repentance, and forgiveness. In our society, the first thing is no longer accepted, even if the second has occurred because, on a fundamental level, no one practices the third anymore.

5) Tribalism and false dichotomy

"If you're not for me, you're against me" mentality. Politicians exploit this tribal mentality by proposing all types of crazy shit in the name of the party ideals. You must be against all the party's ideas if you don't support that idea.

6) Greed

People will make a dollar any way they can. It ALWAYS comes back to the money. For any conspiracy, ask yourself who financially benefits, & you'll have it figured out. Crime causes poverty is WAY more true than poverty causes crime. #CorruptPoliticians

7) Lack of gratitude

We're experts at comparing what's wrong and what we lack. We forget what we have and how fortunate we are. Everyone thinks their life is so hard. They tweet about it from an iPhone in a house where they have no fear of getting popped by a stray bullet.

8) No accountability

Everything is someone else's fault. Even how you feel about yourself results from the world and its unfair standards for success and beauty.

As comedian Kat Williams once hilariously pointed out, "It's called SELF-ESTEEM. It's the esteem of yo mothafuckin self! How the fuck can I fuck up how you feel about you?"

9) We try to cheat trade-offs

You can have anything. You just can't have everything. People think they can get everything from money to romance without doing the work for it. And then, of course, they blame other people because they didn't plan for the future.

10) We're lazy

Not just physically, though that's obvious. Mentally, no one does research past the headline. Emotionally, no one exercises self-control. And because we're also greedy, media and corporations take advantage of this. So you're mad about everything AND fat.

11) No respect for each other

People don't respect each other. No empathy, awareness, or appreciation. This is not to be confused with coddling and safe spaces. This is just presenting your best self to your fellow human at all times and with the best intentions.

What would you add? What did I miss? Shoot me back a reply with your thoughts!

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